Our Members

Any person of good standing, operating a business, or doing a majority of business in the town of Waldwick, is welcome to become a member of the Chamber. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Waldwick Chamber of Commerce, please fill out and mail this membership form or you may pay online.

The Membership fee is $120. All online payments are subject to a $5.00 merchant fee. 

Saied Gollamiyarahmadi

18 Wyckoff Avenue
Waldwick, NJ 07463

201.445.5014 or 973.220.2283

Email: masoudway@yahoo.com

Website: www.7-eleven.com

Convenience Store

POST #57

Albert Paul – Commander
Stan Wekarski – Adjutant
46 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Email: albertpaul775@yahoo.com
Email: swekarski@optonline.net

Website: www.legionpost57.org

Veterans Service Organization

Ronald A. Rosensweig, Esq.
33 Harrison Avenue
P.O. Box 1
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201.652.5055
Fax: 201-652-1291

Law Firm

Auto Polishing Center


Anthony Ayala
Brenda Ariz
149 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.670.1900
Alternate Phone: 201.694.7654
Email: contact@autopolishingcenter.com

Website: www.autopolishingcenter.com

Hand Car Wash & Detailing

Mark Aiosa
120 East Main Street, Suite 212
Ramsey, NJ 07446
Phone: 201.815.6347

Thomas Muller
245 Wyckoff Avenue
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.857.7200
Email: thomas.muller@atriaseniorliving.com

Website: www.atriawaldwick.com
Senior Living

Dr. James J. Bancroft

Adeena Ramos
120 Hopper Avenue
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.447.4444
Email: adeenar@bcvc.co

Website: www.bergencountyveterinarycenter.com

Veterinary Hospital

Sal Caldarone

Robert Gaffney
33 Zazzetti Street, #1
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.670.9000
Fax: 201.670.8331
Email: sales@cjlands.com

Website: www.chrisjameslandscaping.com

Landscaping Services

Leslie Gonzalez
1 Bonhert Place
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 845.354.6563
Email: leslie@ctsnyc.com
Alternate Email: roger@ctsnyc.com

Website: www.ctsnyc.com

Motion Picture

Scott Kastin
36 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.781.5673
Alternate Phone: 845.216.9319
Email: skastin@class101.com

Website: www.class101/njbergenwest.com

College Consulting

Sarkis Ohanessian

8 Franklin Turnpike

Waldwick, NJ 07463

LLC #31149

John Guglielmotti
25 East Spring Valley Avenue
Maywood, NJ 07607

Cell: 551.206.2639
Office: 201.368.3140

Fax: 201.909.5839

Email: jguglielmotti@classicmortgagellc.com
Website: www.classicmortgagellc.com

Mortgage Loan Originator

Brian Mackey
28 Bohnert Place
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.857.5088
Alternate Phone: 201.388.5115
Email: bmackey@cruiseplanners.com
Website: www.cruisesbybrian.com
Travel Agency

David Barthold
10A Douglas Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.481.1572
Fax: 201.251.8404
Email: njrebart@aol.com
Website: davidbarthold.com

Real Estate

Amalia Duarte
302 North Franklin Turnpike
Ho Ho Kus, NJ 07423
Phone: 201.670.7880
Alternate Phone: 973.902.8390
Email: aduarte@eclcofnj.org
Website: www.eclcofnj.org

Special Education School

Edwin Sherman
26 Smithfield Road
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.612.0896
Alternate Phone: 201.961.3284
Email: eddienterry@aol.com
Alternate Email: shermanarchitect@aol.com


Brian Smith

Managing Director
Waldwick NJ, 07463

Phone: 201.882.8416

Gene Luccarelli
860 Wyckoff Avbenue
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Phone: 201.848.1501
Alternate Phone: 201.665.4978
Email: genelucc@optonline.net
Website: www.geneluccarellicpa.com

CPA Firm

Patty Lacourte 

48 Franklin Turnpike

Waldwick, New Jersey 07463

Phone: 201.444.4616

Email: Info@euricahome.com

Website: www.euricahome.com

Interior Design

Gretchen Erle
84 Grand Avenue
River Edge, NJ 07661
Phone: 201.473.2179
Email: gretchen.erle@gmail.com
Website: www.excelpestservices.com

Pest Control

Lisa Petersen
140 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201.962.3790
Alternate Phone: 201.741.0034
Email: waldwick@fit36.com
Website: www.fit36.com

Nick Jackson

156  Greenwood Ave.

Midland Park, NJ 07432

Tel: 201-710-7732

Website: Fitness19.com

Health & Fitness

Danielle Boldin
Jeannine DePhillips
22 West Prospect Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.670.6767
Alternate Phone: 908.770.0293
Email: fbjwaldwick@aol.com
Website: www.flowersbyjoan.net

Generation III Inc. Plumbing,

Heating and Air Conditioning /

GJ Pignatelli Electric

Jerry Pignatelli
Julie Pignatelli
30 W. Prospect Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.445.6969
Fax: 201-445-5242
Email: generation3inc@aol.com
Website: www.generation3inc.com

HVAC, Plumbing & Electric, Contractor

Rick Kadien

27 Franklin Turnpike

Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.652.5666
Fax: 201.652.8383
Email: rkadien@yahoo.com
Website: www.homehardwaresupply.com
Hardware & Home Supply

Suzanne LoPrinzi

6 West Prospect Street

Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-444-7077

Email: suz_lo@hotmail.com

FaceBook: innovationhairwaldwick

Instagram: innovationhairwaldwick

Hair Salon

Barbara Jackson

Jerry Slavik
64 Crescent Avenue
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201.689.7750
Email: jslavik@lakelandbank.com
Website: www.lakelandbank.com


Maria Bolton
171 Franklin Turnpike
Suite 110
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201-612-5100
Email: accounting@livewellpediatrics.com
Website: www.livewellpediatrics.com

Medical Office – Pediatrics

Raj Ranjith
8 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.670.5777
Email: liquorlandnj@gmail.com
Website: www.liquorlandnj.com

Wine & Spirits

Marla Glastein

Sol Glastein

26 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: 201.689.8400

Email: marla.glastein@massageenvy.com
Website: www.massageenvy.com

Health & Wellness

Robert Mainenti
1 Hollywood Ave
Building 2D
Ho Ho Kus, NJ 07423
Phone: 201.652.8570
Fax: 201.652.2199
Email: mayo.sports@verizon.net
Website: www.mayosportswear.com

Screen Printing & Embroidery

Matt Houston

Email: MDHouston33@PTD.net

Website: www.chetsmemorialfund.com

Charitable Trust

Mobile Mower

Repair, LLC

Joyce Totten
7 East Prospect Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Email: jtotten1@mtb.com

Phone: 201-447-4260

Website: M&TBankCorporation.com

Banking, Loans, Investments, Insurance and Business

Deb Dellavechia

Conway Wong

Michele Braun

Kimberly A. Hayes

Option II Coordinator

Lisa Ebrahimi
327 Franklin Ave. Suite 17
Boulder Run Shopping Center

Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Phone: 201.425.8338  

Email: Wyckoff.NJ@MassageLuxe.com
Website: massageluxe.com/locations/wyckoff-nj/

Facebook: business.facebook.com/MassageLuXe

Day Spa(Massage & Facial Health Spa)

10 Sycamore Ave
Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey 07423


Real Estate

Kelly Velasquez-Carcich
Michele Calise
370 Pascack Road
Township of Washington, NJ 07676

Phone: 201-664-5400
Alternate Phone: 201-755-1969
Email: kvelasquez@oritani.com
Alternate Email: mcalise@oritani.com
Website: www.oritani.com


Waldwick Chamber of Commerce

Stefanie Bates

 25 N. Spruce Street Ramsey NJ 07446




 Dog Training School 

Dr. Robert Bello

20 Franklin Turnpike Suite 218

Waldwick NJ

Phone: 201.857.5050


Health & Wellness

Vincent Pagliei
10 W. Prospect Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-670-0828
Email: info@prestigelock.com
Website: prestigelock.com


Randy Reveley
28 West Prospect Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463

 Phone: 201-669-2916
Fax: 201-445-7986
Email: rfreveley@optonline.net


Melissa Ewen
25 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-447-2987
Email: rcnsdirector25@gmail.com
Website: www.rainbowcorners.org

Non-Profit Preschool

John Vervoort

of Northwest Bergen, Southern

and Eastern Rockland County

Charlie Vingoe

Karen Centauro
151 Crescent Avenue
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-236-2400
Alternate Phone: 800-497-7179
Fax: 201-670-1011
Email: servprokc@aol.com
Website: www.servproofnorthwestbergen.com

Nicholas A. Stratton

55 Harristown Road, Suite 203
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Phone: 201.464.2040

Fax: 201.815.2737

Cell: 551.252.5350
Email: nstratton@strattonstepp.com
Website: www.strattonstepp.com

Attorneys at Law

Gordon McIntire

45 Zazzetti Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-652-1900

Fax: 201-447-6247
Email: gordon@superiortrademark.com
Website: www.superiortrademark.com

Heat Transfers, Printing

Custom Accountability Tags

Signs and Engraving

Megan Jurik
20 Franklin Turnpike Suite 220
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-885-4200
Alternate Phone: 845-893-6858
Email: info@recoveryroomphysicaltherapy.com
Website: www.recoveryroomphysicaltherapy.com

Physical Therapy and Athletic Center

Dr. Mary Capaci

Cara Galorenzo

171 Franklin Turnpike

Suite 205

Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-857-2900





Medical Facility

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1049 – Waldwick

John Vervoort – Commander

Brian Finale – Quartermaster
PO BOX 215
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-444-2736
Alternate Phone: 201-736-4998
Email: bfinale2@yahoo.com
Alternate Email: jvervoort@gmail.com

Fraternity of Veterans of Foreign Wars/Charity to Vets


W. Patrick Quast, ESQ.

W. Patrick Quast, ESQ.
20 Harrison Avenue, 2nd Floor
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-444-5990
Fax: 201-444-5094
Email: wpq1@verizon.net

Attorney – Patents, Trademarks and Copyright

Chuck Wanamaker

25 W. Prospect Street

Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-447-4635

Email: wanamaker@verizon.net

Website: www.waldwickauto.com

Automotive Specialists

Mary Beth Nappi
PO Box 153
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-693-7841
Email: waldwickwef@gmail.com
Website: www.waldwickwef.webs.com

Non Profit organization dedicated to providing the Waldwick School District with exceptional Education & Cultural programs while encouraging Community Participation.

Naresh Kanani
16 E. Prospect Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-445-1100
Alternate Phone: 551-689-0128
Email: waldwickpharmacy@yahoo.com

Website: www.waldwickpharmacy.com


Susan Marlett

152 Franklin Turnpike, Suite B

Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: 201-788-5244

Email: smarlett@schoolofrock.com

Website: www.waldwick.schoolofrock.com

Music Academy


Jim Prussak CSA, CPA, CEO

19-21 Fair Lawn Avenue, Suite 2C

Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Main:   201 326-8051

Direct: 201 326-8052

Senior Living